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Backed by the Yale Venture Creation Program and the Wharton Innovation Fund, SubLite is a one-stop shop for students to find summer internships and housing. The platform currently boasts over 10,000 users from over 700 universities in the United States, including top institutions such as Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia and NYU.


Yuanling co-founded SubLite during her sophomore year at Yale with fellow top female chess player FM Alisa Melekhina, who was a law student at University of Pennslyvania at the time. Having personally experienced the fustrating process of finding summer internships and housing, the two put their chess minds to work and officially launched SubLite's Beta platform in April 2014. 

Though SubLite is Yuanling's second entrepreneurial endeavor, there were still countless challenges that the startup faced during every single phase of its development. Luckily, the co-founders' chess backgrounds helped the team nagivate the tough world of entrepreneurship. 15 years of chess training afforded Yuanling the ability to apply her critical-thinking and strategic problem-solving skills to SubLite's everyday problems. 


Passionate about making an impact in the student community, Yuanling and her team worked tirelessly to make the process of finding summer internships and housing as seamless as possible. Today, SubLite has helped thousands of students in the United States with their summer goals.

Alex Croxford ’18, SubLite’s business development director, said he often speculates at what entices people to join and stick with the company.

“I think we do a really good job of creating excitement — when you’re here, you’re not necessarily working for SubLite — you are SubLite,” Croxford said. “We all have the same potential to change the company.”

David Liu ’18 said he likes being part of the SubLite team because “there’s an actual product and service that [they] come out with.” He juxtaposed this experience with programming by himself in his room, and said that he greatly enjoys the collaborative and user-driven work of SubLite.

Extract from an interview with the Yale Daily News. Full article here.


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